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Unpublished material – Seen her

Seen her is an english interpretation of Markus Krunegårds interpretation of Silvana Imams song “Sett henne” featured on “Så mycket bättre“. The song is (recorded and) currently awaiting approval for publishing my own version. The original love song is so dope, and when Markus Krunegårds sang his version on “Så mycket bättre” it just went straight into my heart. As if he sang for me. I’ve listened to his version over and over again. I usually don’t do covers but it was just natural to do my own version of it, letting my self know that I’ve seen her. I’ve seen her through all of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Here’s a snippet from my lyrics:


“I’ve seen her quiet in pain

I’ve seen her dance in the rain

I’ve seen her shy

I’ve seen her take to the sky”


A long history of self portraits

I started drawing self portraits early on in life. Mostly with pencils but also charcoal. I’ve always wanted to be able to see myself clearly (from the inside and out), and I think that self portraits is an expression of that desire. It’s also a way of doing mirror work, and working on self love. Yes the world needs more of self love. Not malignant self love but the good stuff. When I started with photography in my teens it was natural to continue with black and white self portraits. Besides it’s very practical when you are a solo creator. Sometimes I’m assisted by my kids or family members, but most often it’s just me and my camera. 

Creative adventures for an ambivert

Making music and creating my artwork is an introverts or ambiverts version of adventure. I have no idea of what’s coming next, and that’s what makes it so exciting. I trust the creative process, knowing that one thing leads to another. Sometimes a phrase pops into my mind, and I can tell it’s the beginning of a new musical adventure. Ideas as so volatile that I make sure I record it instantly on my phone or scribble it down on a piece of paper. Of all my creative endavours, music is the one that get’s me the most excited. 

Do it yourself

Generally I’m a musical lone wolf and play on my own. I rarely co-create with other artists. I started recording and producing my own music in 2013. A fellow artist and friend insisted on me publishing my music. She even lent me monitors to get me going. I bought the essentials – a mic, an iOdock for my Ipad and more. The first EP I released was Clarity. I got some great support and help from my hightech exhusband in the beginning but with time I learned to produce by myself. I do pretty much everything these days, from song writing to recordin and mixing (and mastering-ish) all the way to release via Spinnup



I am a member of STIM. STIM is a non-profit member organisation tasked with ensuring that its more than 90,000 affiliated rightsholders and music publishers get paid when their music is used. 


I am also a member of Swedish Artists’ and Musicians’ Interest Organisation (SAMI). The Swedish Artists’ and Musicians’ Interest Organisation (SAMI) looks after artists’ and musicians’ rights within the framework of Swedish and international copyright legislation. Artists and musicians receive compensation from SAMI when their music is played in public.

The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers

Being an illustrator and graphic designer I am also the member of Svenska Tecknare, The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers.  The association organizes Sweden’s professional illustrators and graphic designers and has some 1500 members throughout the country.